A.S.K. (Ask questions, Seek answers, Know truths) Billy Ray Hobley Foundation is a non-profit organization. The main goal of the Foundation is to assist children ages 6-18 in the Greater New Orleans Area gain and maintain the attitudes and life skills necessary to become productive citizens. The Foundation promotes health, knowledge and self-confidence through a variety of sports-related activities, with a special focus on basketball fundamentals and competition.

“One hundred hears from now it’s not going to matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of home I lived in or how much money I had in my bank account; the only thing that matters it that I made a difference in the life of a child.” 

– Billy Ray Hobley

In one year A.S.K. Foundation aspires to have our first A.S.K. Billy Ray Hobley Foundation After School Program which will provide counseling, tutoring, life skills, etc. In five years the A.S.K. Foundation plans to be financially viable with our own after school facility. The heart of our program is to help children understand that in the face of great fear, peer pressure and hopelessness they do have a choice and a helping hand in the A.S.K. Program.