6 askTo ask our youth to just say no is not enough, kids must know and understand what they are saying no to and why they are saying no. This program is designed to do just that by instilling the disciplined concept to Ask questions, Seek answers and Know truth. A.S.K. is a challenge, a massive positive request, youth to youth, child to child, and program to businesses; challenging kids to learn to build productive and successful lives. We must challenge each other on the issue of obesity, violence and lack of self-esteem. These three issues have led to disappointing statistics amongst children under the age of 18 in the Greater New Orleans area compared to other local and national statistics.

These staggering figures, according to the 2011 Bureau of Justice Statistics, indicate that it has become impossible for these problems to be controlled by school systems alone. The problems can only be addressed with professionally formatted guidelines, adequate funding, proper training, and an effective means of determining the success of techniques employed. This includes an ongoing evaluation and modifications to address new problems in society as they occur. A.S.K. is designed to promote decision making, problem-solving, goal development and recognition of self-worth, which would strengthen a child’s self esteem.

Proper decision making and the problem-solving objectives of A.S.K. focuses on a model that will allow children to analyze events and happenings in their lives. It will enable them to identify causes, evaluate possible effects and to handle adverse situations in a positive manner. Goal development is a necessity. The overall success of our program is directly related to the degree by which we are able to instill a desire to have productive goals and a determination to work toward their achievement by providing them with young adults that are currently leading by example.

This goal-oriented behavior will assist us in fostering our final objective as the recognition of self-worth. Positive accomplishments serve to encourage greater goals and a heightened awareness of one’s ability to be the best, which will lead to a cycle of change. Schools are the baseline of our program’s efforts in attempt to reach the majority of minors in any given area. Our plan concentrates on working with, in and through the public school system with a view towards obesity, violence, and lack of self-esteem.